2013 World Tournament Experience Raffle

The 2013 World Tournament Experience Raffle is “in the books” AND we now have our winners. The winning tickets were drawn at the National League Team Tournament in the NHPA Hall of Fame building in Wentzville, MO on October 5th with NHPA 3rd VP Dave Sidles presiding. All the winners have been notified and all are planning to attend the 2014 World Tournament – just one does not compete and will gift her prize to her husband.

The Grand Prize winner is Mr. Don Davis, the charter president in the state of Washington. Mr. Davis lives on the other side of the country AND he works very hard for horseshoes – it is so fitting that he has won this wonderful group of prizes.

Before I list the prizes that he has won, let me give you the names of the other lucky winners. These four individuals have won a free entry into the 2014 World Horseshoe Tournament. They are:

Doug Wahl, NY – Mr. Wahl lives in New York but this will be his first World Tournament ever.

Karen Myers, GA – Karen was so surprised but does not pitch. She will transfer the prize to her husband, Larry, who will GLADLY use it to enter the World Tournament. When they attend the 2014 W.T. they will be going back “home” as the Buffalo area is where she grew up.

Larry Farris, NV – Mr. Farris attended this year’s World Tournament in St. George, Utah as he lives just “down the street” in Las Vegas. He bought his ticket AT the World Tournament and is already chomping at the bit to pitch in Hamburg/Buffalo NY next year.

Kimmy Stockli, N CA – Kimmy has been a charter president and is also in the business of selling horseshoes. She is also on the other side of the country so this free entry will help just a bit. Kimmy was expecting a telephone call from me because she generously offered to take the huge gift basket for the Grand Prize winner home in her RV after it was displayed at the 2013 World Tournament. She knew that I would be calling to let her know where she was to send the basket. She DIDN’T know that I would be telling her that she was also a winner.

It was fun to talk to each of these folks and I am so happy for them.

ALL of the prizes can be transferred to anyone but the certificates they will receive have no monetary value. Here are the prizes that Mr. Davis has won:
  • Tournament Entry ($125 value)
  • One–Week Hotel Stay (~ $700 value)
  • GRS (Game Related Sales) Merchandise ($100 value)
  • Customized Tournament Shirt ($50 value)
  • Bowdell Photography Package ($15 value)
  • Two Hall of Fame Banquet Tickets ($60 value)
  • Host City “Goodie” Package ($400+ value, including Buffalo Zoo Family Pass; passes to NiagaraFalls, Albright Knox Art Gallery, Jell-O Museum, Darwin Martin House (Frank Lloyd Wright) and theAurora Historical Society Tour; four tickets to BuffaloBison’s Baseball with meals; and Buffalo Gift Basket with shirt, hat, and food. Mr. Davis – enjoy!

Thank you to all of the sellers, many of whom earned bonuses for selling so many tickets and thank you to all of the committee members. It was a busy and fun process. We sold many tickets via the mail. This all supports the NHPA and the NHPF so it is all good.

For those of us who didn’t win, “wait’ll next year”. I can’t wait to buy my tickets!

Submitted by Debby Michaud, chairman, World T. Experience Raffle chairman